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  My Herbalist Home » Adult Formulas » Pain Relief Liniment

Pain Relief Liniment

  2 fl oz (60ml)

Relieves pain from sprains, strains & contact injuries

Used by generations of martial artists

Herbs extracted for three years

The most potent topical injury healer available


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  Product Description

My Herbalist's Pain Relief Liniment is based on a powerful formula used by martial artists, handed down from generations of master herbalists. Pain Relief Liniment is appropriate for addressing sprains, strains, bruises and other mild to moderate traumatic injuries. FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY.

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My Herbalist's Pain Relief Liniment is a form of Dit Da Jiao, based on a formula hundreds of years old but with powerful modifications based on modern research. Dit Da Jiao, or trauma medicine, is the ancient art of treating minor or serious injuries with the use of the external application of herbal liniments, oils, and poultices. This form of trauma medicine has been used to heal martial artists for more than a thousand years.

With the discovery of Acupuncture in the modern western world, Dit Dat Jiao has become available to the public at large. Like many modern sports creams, Dit Dat Jiao contains biochemical elements to soothe pain associated with minor strains, sprains, and bruises. Unlike many modern products though, Dit Da Jiao is produced with time tested herbal medicinals that are also proven to disperse stagnant blood from bruises, decrease swelling by increasing circulation, and to significantly decrease recovery time. Not only is the pain reduced, but so is the recovery time. Success is not only determined by the herbal formulation, but also by the proper application of the formula, and care of the injury.

When dealing with any injury, it is always a good idea to consult a medical professional if you feel that the injury is severe or not healing properly. In all cases, the application of topical liniments to open wounds or sores is contraindicated.

The protocol I suggest for most of my patients is to apply the liniment 3 - 6 times a day. This ensures that the local area receives enough of the medicinals to have the desired effect, and the act of gently massaging the liniment in acts as an additional therapy for furthering the healing process. For bruises, I recommend applying a liberal amount of liniment to the area and then using the fingers to massage it into the skin. Work in clockwise circles, from the inside of the bruise out, to and past the edges of the injury. Circle slowly and gently without causing pain to the area, until the skin becomes tacky and dry. Repeat this process a total of three times for each application.

For strains or inflamed muscles the procedure is similar. First, massage the liniment in along the length of the injury, and then massage across the fiber of the muscle or tendon. For joint and back pain, you can cover the affected area with gauze wetted with the liniment, and covered in plastic wrap. Heat can be applied on top of this with a hot pack or heating pad wrapped in a towel, to prevent burns.

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